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    All our Safari Packages are customisable* Duration of Safari & places/types of accommodation can be customised to suite your needs. However in some cases restrictions might apply. ******Please get in contact with us for any customisation that you may desire******


    Lake Turkana Safari|Cradle of HuMankind Expedition

    5 Days 4 Nights

     "Nobody knows where we are going, but everyone should be aware of where we came from"~Richard Leakey


    Day 1: Lake Turkana

    Early morning pick up from your hotel in Nairobi followed by transfer to Wilson Airport for your flight to Lodwar Airstrip. Pick up from Lodwar airstrip followed by leisurely drive to the beautiful Eliye Springs Resort situated on the western shores of Lake Turkana. Feel free to explore and relax on the beach after check in.

    We have prepared for you a once in a lifetime opportunity Turkana Sun downer in the evening. Dinner under the magical African stars will follow thereafter. This area offers some of the best Star Gazing Experiences on earth. You will enjoy your night in a one of a kind traditionally built Turkana Style Boma.

    The Bomas are situated along the beach, with veranda facing the Lake. They are luxurious, well equipped with double/twin beds, chairs, tables, sun chairs and a tiled spacious bath room, which leaves you with an exciting experience!

    Overnight: Eliye Springs Resort

    Meal Plan: Lunch & Dinner


    Day 2: Central Island National Park Boat Expedition

    After morning breakfast we will be ready to go as soon the Lake allows: Today you will enjoy a scenic and breathtaking boat ride to Central Island National Park also known as Crocodile Island. Did you know that the world's largest Nile Crocodile population breeds on Lake Turkana's Central island? A local professional guide will tour with us as we explore the Island's unique crater lakes namely Crocodile lake and Flamingo lake. In and around the lakes you might come across a variety of wildlife such as crocodiles, flamingoes, pelicans etc.

    Thereafter the boat trip will continue to the eastern shore of the Lake to the KWS headquarter in Sibiloi, where we will find accommodation at KWS Bandas. We shall enjoy a relaxing walk along the Alia Bay famous for it's breathtaking scenery and in the evenning you might get a surprise group of Zebras that come to spend the night along the shores. 

    Overnight: Alia Bay Guest House

    Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


    Day 3: Sibiloi National Park & Koobi Fora Museum

    Early morning breakfast followed by pick up by 4x4 Safari Landcruiser and park ranger for an exciting drive through Sibiloi National Park, on our way to Koobi Fora Museum. The park was established to protect the unique prehistoric and archaeological sites some of which are linked to the origins of humankind.

    Our other highlight of the day include a visit to the Koobi Fora Museum where you will get the opportunity to see uniquely preserved wildlife fossils which include the massive giant tortoise,elephant and the 18-20 ft long crocodile!

    In the language of the Gabbra people who live near the site, the term Koobi Fora means a place of the commiphora and the source of myrrh.

    Overnight: Alia Bay Guest House

    Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


    Day 4: Eliye Springs Resort

    Early morning breakfast followed by departure by boat towards Eliye Springs Resort, following first the eastern shores up to Moite where you see local fishermen’s camps within an untouched rocky environment, and then cross the Lake back to Eliye Springs Resort. Rest of the day is at leisure to enjoy the the tempestuous ‘jade sea’ and it's majestic scenery and beach. Dinner and overnight at Eliye Springs Resort.

    Overnight: Eliye Springs Resort

    Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


    Day 5:Nairobi

    Morning breakfast followed by departure towards Lodwar Airtrip for the 9 AM connecting flight to Wilson Airport Nairobi after a memorable Lake Turkana Safari with Expedition Kenya Safari and Eliye Springs Resort.








    *Transfers Lodwar:Eliye!Springs:Lodwar
    *Accommodation Boma Style Eliye Springs Resort
    *Full Board throughout & Candle Light Dinner
    *Turkana Sundowner on the!Lake with Champagne and Bitings
    *Central Island National visit Park,!a!World!Heritage!site





    *Prices Upon Request*


    * Visit of Central Island NP (Be prepared for a hot day!!!)
    Eliye Speed Boat: Max 4 Guests :Excluding Park!Entrance.
    KWS Fees: Non residents: US $22, Residents: KSh 600, Citizens: KSh 300
    For this Half Day Trip, Sun protection, good1shoes, drinks and binoculars are highly recommended

    * Sports Fishing

    * Boat Rides
    Swift Max 4 Guests, KSh/Per Hour. Blue Moon Max 8 Guests,!KSh/Per Hour

    * One Night out Central Island or Sibiloi for an Exciting Experience

    * Visit Moite
    Out of this World Experience: Just Opposite Eliye Springs with Waterbirds,Crocodiles & an!amazing environment

    * Turkana Sundowner
    Eliye!Speed!boat,!max!4!people,!ca!5.30!– 6.30!pm,!KSh!3000.: per!person,!including!drinks!and!bites.

    * Fishing Adventure in Longelech
    A really Turkana experience:Active fishing with Turkana Fishermen,Tasting of locally prepared fresh fish

    * Full Body Massage
    Relaxing Full Body Massage in an open Air saloon

    * Turkana Boy Site Monument Visit
    Full Day Road Expedition to the!site of the Famous most complete Skeletton of a 1'600'000 year!old homo erectus
    named "Turkana!Boy".On the way visit of the Fishermen on Ferguson Gulf, and you!experience Turkana land like never before! Nariokotome is the!destination (134 km), also called "Little!Spain" after the Spanish Catholic 
    Center, which produces!amazing crops in!their gardens.

    * Turkana Dancers,Homestead visit & Lecture

    -Some of the Activities are Dependent on Weather-



     *Breathtaking Culture

    This is the only place in Kenya where you can find the last of the truly nomadic tribes namely the Turkana, Gabbra, Rendille, Samburu, Pokot and the endangered El Molo tribe. Their beliefs, dress, art, crafts, dance and music are fascinating and awe inspiring.

     *Lake Turkana Boy Monument:

    This is a replica of the world's most complete early hominid fossil discovered on the western shores of Lake Turkana at a place called Nariokotome. Nariokotome boy was discovered by Mr Kamoya Kimeu who was part of Dr Richard Leakey team in 1984. The fossil (KNM-WT 1500) is considered to be the remains of a 11-12 year old boy dating back to 1.6 million years ago. This discovery has put Kenya in the forefront of Human Evolution studies hence the term, CRADLE OF HUMANKIND.

    *Jarigole Pillar Site:

    A pre-Iron Age burial complex, this giant mound is marked by standing pillars of basalt and pre historic pieces of bones pottery and beads. 

    *Sibiloi Fossil Forest:

    The petrified forest is about 4 km from Karsa Gate and is approximately 7 million years old. It depicts the climatic change that the Lake Turkana Basin underwent through.

    *The Elephant, Crocodile and Tortoise:

    The three excavated fossil skeletons are located about 45 minutes south of Alia Bay camp. The elephant bones are nearly complete and date back to almost 1.9 million-years.



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