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    Our first contact with Orboma Village located close to the Sekenani Gate Maasai Mara National reserve was in 2015 when we took our Safari Guests for a cultural visit. All our guests get a Free Visit to a Local Authentic Maasai village during their stay in the Maasai Mara as we believe that Kenya has a rich diversity of cultural heritage represented by the colorful kaleidoscopic of over 42 tribes. Our clients get to immerse themselves first hand in the culture, day to day lifestyle activities, practices as well as challenges.


    The visit was both eye opening to us as well as our clients. Through the resident village guide Daniel Lempoyio, we learnt that behind that warm hospitality and magical smiles we experienced from the villagers, there were numerous challenges facing their day to day living. The challenge that stood out most to us was the need for Financial assistance in Education. During that visit, we had taken 2 boxes full of random school books that we distributed among the kids. The excitement, passion and gratefulness for these books was overwhelming. Their desire for an education was unstoppable. With that heart touching experience, our inspiration to get deeply involved with the community was born.


    After further discussion with Mr. Lempoyio, we established that all the parents felt that school fees was their most challenging financial obligation. Most children especially the girls, did not attend school or dropped out of school due to lack of school fees. Although it is our desire to assist all the potential students, we decided to choose only students who were in good academic standing and were on their last year of either their primary or secondary education. The number of students assisted would depend on the funds donated by Expedition Kenya Safari, our safari guests and any other kind well wishers.


    In order to prevent fraud and maintain donors trust, it was agreed that all funds were to be deposited in Expedition Kenya Safari Business account. The funds are then transferred via bank transfer from Expedition Kenya Safari Business Bank account to the applicable official school accounts that the eligible students attend. Donated funds were to be shared equally among the eligible students. The money paper trail would be accounted for with all the supporting documents used in this process. This approach was gladly welcomed by all parties involved including our first donor Safari Guests from Australia led by Mr Jim Van Bruinessen.


    Since the project's inception, the following students of Orboma Village have benefited from kind education funds from our safari guest Jim Van Bruinessen and friends from Australia.

    1. Esther Nailosi Kireu : Ildaan Primary School, Narok (2015)
    2. James Kaleku : Narok Boys High school, Narok (2017)
    3. Kasale Samuel Saningo : Olulunga Boys Secondary, Narok. (2017)
    4. Dickson Muntet & Jacob Muntet :Moi Minariet Secondary school, Bomet (2017
    5. Emily Mpaima & Janet Letoluo :Moi Naikarra Secondary School, Narok(2017)



    We are more than happy to share that Esther Nailosi Kireu the first recipient of this kind initiative, successfully passed her final year of primary school at Ildaan Primary School. She passed with 332 points during her Kenya Certificate Of Primary Education. As such, she was able to proceed to secondary education by securing a place at Tembea Girls High School. Currently she is in her second year of high school and receiving further education financial aid from other kind well wishers.

    We are very optimistic that the rest of the students listed, will be able to successfully pass their final exams and secure a place at their next journey of education whether it is Secondary school or University.
    Meanwhile other local village kids are sharpening their reading and writing skills from the various donated school books and writing materials. Neighboring schools are also benefitting from chalk supplies used by their teachers for writing on chalk boards.


    In Africa we have a saying that says: It takes a village to raise a child. That being said, the impact that these kids might have to their village, country and humanity could be monumental.


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